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TRADE NAME: 90% Fenvalerate Tech. AND 20% e.c.(m/m%)

COMMON NAME: Fenvalerate

CHEMICAL NAME:(R,S)--Cyan-3-benoyl-benzyl(R,S)-2-(4-chloro-benzoyl)-3-methylbutyrate


PHYSICAL & CHEMICAL PROPERTIES: The original fenvalerate is yellow oily liquid.b.p.300/4.9*103Pa, 1.175 , v.p. 3.7*10-5Pa/25, 1.5655. Parely dissolves in water but dissolves in many oganic solvents. It is stable in heat, light and acid mediums but unstable at above pH8. The industrial grade is yellow brown sticky liquid. emulsion oil is yellow or brown transparent liquid.

TOXICITY: Mild poisoning to human being and cattles.For big ablino rat, the acute oral LD50 is 300-630mg/kg, acute dermal LD50 is 5000mg/kg. High poisoning to fishes and bee.

PREVENTION & CURE OBJECTS: Fenvalerate is a kind of high active broad range insecticide with contact and stomach poisoning action. It has rather efficiency to order lepidoptera and those insects having antibody to organophosphorus and organochloro. It is widely used in many crops such as cotton, fruit trees, vegetables, soya bean, corn and beet etc. to prevent and cure some kinds of corn injurious insects such as aphides, red spider, leafhopper, ectropis obeiqua warren, cabbage moth, thrips, pink bollworm etc. The dose is about active ingredient content 75-150g/hectare with spray method.

ANALYTICAL METHOD: Gas chromatography

PACKING: Iron drum coated with plastics. Net weight of original fenvalerate is 200kg per drum. Emulsion oil is 160kg per drum, or packed according to the consignee's need.


1. This product is poisoning to fishes and bee. Pay serious attention while application. Ban to pour the residue and washed water into river, lake and pond.

2. Less efficiency to mite, not suitable to use in prevention and cure red spider solely.

3. Make good protection for mix and application of this product and operate under good ventilation to avoid poisoning.

4. This product cannot be mix with alkali pesticides.




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